About SOG Philippines Inc

SOG PHILIPPINES INC. is a company comprising of a team of professional engineers and technicians with extensive experience in satellite communication systems integration, installation and satellite service provider and security systems.

We provide customized satellite communication security systems according to our clients' budget and needs

Our company prides itself by using only quality products and labour to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction.

  • We deliver connectivity to companies through reliable satellite networks broadband access and flexible services.
  • We offer secure and reliable satellite communications links for governments and international institutions.

Inmarsat services provide

  • Concentration in the field of Satellite & Radio Communication in particular Maritime Safety & Security .
  • Being a player in which the SOG has a competitive advantage through the experience , technology and cooperation .
  • Offer products and services a comprehensive portfolio , which includes systems , sub - systems , products and components
  • Having an efficient organization in which there are man power who are committed and competent .
  • Being a provider of strategic and perfect service for our customers .
  • Fulfill all commitments towards the service user .

Corporate Strategy

Our services are accessed using a variety of devices, from hand-portable satellite phones and remote site fixed installations, to vessel, vehicular and airborne mobile terminals, offering different performance options to suit your operational needs.

  • Broadband

    Our comprehensive broadband services provide simultaneous voice and data, globally. They include Standard IP for office applications and guaranteed, on-demand Streaming IP rates for more demanding uses.

  • Voice

    Our mobile and fixed voice services utilise the world's most advanced satellite communications network – so you can rely on your calls getting through. They all deliver clear voice quality and are quick and easy to deploy